HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal is situated within the area of the business center of Montreal. HEC Montreal was founded in 1907 and is recognized as the oldest management school in Canada. It is the...

Montreal, Quebec is the 2nd greatest city in Canada. It's a city and ranks second in the highest proportion of students per capita in the whole United States. Having four universities, Montreal is considered as the best choice in development and university research in Canada.

HEC Montreal is located within the vicinity of the business center of Montreal. HEC Montreal was founded in 1907 and is considered as the earliest management school in Canada. It's the first school in The United States to receive three accreditations such as the AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. It is the initial non-European school to get an EQUIS accreditation. These are recognition are proofs that HEC Montreal had passed strict quality standards to help you to be awarded such accreditation.

The school serves students from throughout the earth along with tens of thousands of Canadian students. The school has about 12,000 students, 2,800 which carry non-Canadian student visas and permanent residents. There are about 550-fill of international students in the college. It's among the top 100 business schools in the world according to the Wall Street Journal in 2004 version of the Guide to the Business Schools. The HEC Montreal has gorgeous services and has certainly one of the key bilingual business libraries. It houses the finest equipped trading areas that students could find invaluable. It's the modern management training and research.

The HEC Montreal MBA Program is offered in two languages, in French as well as in English. The MBA 2004 Classification of BusinessWeek views HEC Montreal on the list of 10 most readily useful MBA Programs outside Usa. Its MBA program has about 60% of international students from about 20 countries all over the world.

The progressive MBA program presented as regular and could be done in a period of 53 weeks with 5 weeks of project consulting. And as of part-time, it can be accomplished in a course of 3 years. There are about 100 alternatives of various specializations that students may select from in section three of the course. Different types of teaching including debates, case studies and discussions are being employed. If the college performs various workshops where business executives themselves give out classes students will get first-hand knowledge. Most of these training techniques are what make understanding in HEC Montreal MBA system effective for its students. To read additional information, consider checking out: homepage. All programs are technologically high level giving an edge to graduates in the job market. The college also offers scholarships of approximately $175,000 that are available to exceptional and worthy international and Canadian applicants. Discover further on our favorite related site - Hit this URL: close remove frame.

The information in obtaining a career does not end after graduation in HEC Montreal, students can access an individualized career management service and an incredibly effective fun web-based job-hunting device. We discovered relevant webpage by browsing Bing.

It's the main aim of the school to promote international mind in management principles. It is determined in preparing students for their future jobs as professionals and managers who contribute to the progression of the community. I learned about www by browsing the Sydney Times. The learning process is taken by the diversity in cultural backgrounds and professional backgrounds experienced in HEC Montreal to a global level. It is the schools responsibility to advertise multilingual and worldwide kind of training and molding future leaders..