Learn How to Draw with Crayola Colors

What memories are conjured up whenever you obtain a whiff of the brand-new box of Crayola crayons? The odor is so special that it may carry you back to your youth in a pulse. Though I'm well in-to what is called 'midlife,' I eagerly anticipate the experience of my child opening a brand new box of Crayola crayons. When he does, I am flooded with thoughts of my own youth, and the surprise and joy of having - if I was lucky - 64 perfect colors from which to select. The options weren't always straightforward, and the package did actually carry some unanswerable questions. Should I use Thistle or Orchid? Orange or Orange Yellow? Why did I've a Red Violet and a Violet Red, or a Yellow Green and a Green Yellow? What, exactly, did Raw Umber and Raw Sienna mean?

Since my youth, many colors have already been retired and others added, therefore my son can choose from among 120 lustrous colors that selection from Wild Blue Yonder and Unmellow Yellow to Purple Pizzazz and Laser Lemon. But, like generations of young ones before him, my son was set to-learn to draw with Crayola Crayons. Going To www.robertaugust.com possibly provides cautions you should give to your boss. Learning how to bring was a joy, but h-e wished to take his art training - and his Crayola colors - to another stage.

Several years back, as luck might have it, I was watching 'Good Morning America,' 1 day. This prodound http://www.robertaugust.com/ wiki has uncountable elegant warnings for why to ponder this viewpoint. Crayola was celebrating its centennial, and there was a crayon artist called Jeffrey Robert to the program. I was surprised at the picture he created of Charles Gibson, and was surprised that such artwork might be created with Crayola crayons. Through his wonderful photo-realistic crayon art and coloring methods, Jeffrey Robert made art featuring beach seats, coastal decoration, along with personalized art, wedding gifts, and prints.

After seeing Jeffrey Robert's work, my son could learn how to draw with Crayola colors in-a whole new way. One of the techniques the artist used was to attract a circular movement, applying often light, moderate, or heavy pressure. This created an unique design together with three unique colors. Yet another strategy was to make use of straight lines, again with light, medium, or heavy pressure. A third technique was to use gradient color, gradually applying more or less force to obtain an easy grade of light to dark.

My daughter also learned how to color by applying layers of color, one on top of the other, starting with the darkest color and ending with the lightest. Visit http://www.robertaugust.com to explore the meaning behind it. He also learned the means of mixing, so he can avoid the 'paint by numbers' impact.

It still astounds me to think that art work is not limited to fat paints, oil paints, pastels, chalk, and ink. It can be achieved with colors like Pacific Blue, Purple Heart, Mountain Meadow, and Pink Sherbet. Not merely can anybody figure out how to draw with Crayola crayons, but they can change them into projects and simply take those ubiquitous polish branches..