Children's Pool

Also called the Casa, the Children's Pool is a

Little beach partly protected by a sea wall.

The first intention here was to create a fully

protected swimming area, even though sand has now

filled in a lot of the place that exists to the

Inside the wall.

It is a very beautiful beach, offering a few

Spectacular views. Just about all year-long, seals and

sea lions can be found on or near the beach, with

a reserve for these marine mammals, called Seal

Rock being just a little off-shore.

The Children's Pool is within a small walking

distance of the commercial area of the group

of La Jolla. You'll find grassy park places a

short distance to the south and north. Several

small beaches are nearby as-well, including

Wipeout Beach to the Shell Beach and south for the


Youngsters' Pool is also a favorite beach for

scuba divers due to the reefs just offshore.

These very same reefs will help develop very powerful

currents and other hazards, specially in large

Search conditions.

Lifeguard protection

Lifeguards are staffed daily throughout the year.

In the summertime, lifeguard hours are usually 9 AM

until dark. Throughout other times of the season,

Guards may well not start responsibility until 10 AM.


In the north, simply take I-5 to Manhunter Jolla Village

Drive, westbound. At-the signalized intersection,

turn left onto Torrey Pines Road. Follow this

road to turn right and Prospect Street. Be on

the search for signs and bear right onto Coast


In the south, take I-5 north to La Jolla

Parkway. Keep on following it as it'll become

Torrey Pines Road. Follow this road to Prospect

Street and have a right. Watch for the signs then

take a close to Coast Boulevard.


At La Jolla Cove, there's a very limited amount

of on street parking. Onstreet parking could be

Quite difficult to locate, specially in summer time. It's

limited to three hours at any given time on weekdays,

although there is no limit on weekends.

You should always check the signs for any types

of parking rules. Settled parking is also

For sale in downtown Manhattan project Jolla at many places

and it is also a walk from the beach.

To get a great day of fun, diving, or just

enjoying the water, the Youngsters' Pool in Manhattan project

Jolla is a good place to go. You should always

Attempt to get here early, as it could get very crowded

in the summer. Once you arrive here, you'll find

Your-self com-pletely surprised with what the Pool will

offer you and your family.

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