Steal Your Way To Ebay Auction Achievement

Stealing, effectively not genuinely: If healthy competition is viewed as stealing, then there goes capitalism out the door.

Clearly, there are thousands of Ebay sellers generating great cash promoting excellent products at good margins, so why arent you?

Their secret They Know Exactly where To Get The Products. My secret - uncover the auction sellers and youve found the suppliers.

Most sellers are lazy - I know I was. I copied and pasted descriptions of the products straight from my wholesale suppliers website. Took their photos as well, with their site URL splashed at the bottom.

I shouldnt have been shocked, inside a couple weeks my competition went from two to about 8 auction sellers of the same item. The typical selling price tag dropped from $50 to $30 and my margin dropped 50% to 20%.

Most Ebay sellers wont be so dim as to incorporate a image with their suppliers web site address on it, but a lot of will use their suppliers descriptions. If you take a section of this description and Google it, you could just uncover your supplier. Don't forget to attempt numerous segments of the description and to use quotes.

Now once you have identified your solution, your next goal is to force that supplier out of the market. Take a good search at their descriptions record their keywords, could their photos be improved.

Enhance the content: Use Overture, to enhance keywords, and be confident to contain them in your title. Also don't forget to incorporate any well-known misspellings of your product.

Improve the image: Use the Google image search to locate alternate images of your products (don't forget to ask permission to use them). Should people require to identify more about fundable competition, there are many online libraries people should consider pursuing. If you cant discover any take one yourself with a top quality camera. Click this link follow us on twitter to compare when to see about this hypothesis. If people claim to identify more about fundable, we recommend lots of online resources you might investigate. Contemplate hiring a professional if its worth it. Sometimes a high quality picture matters far more then other instances, for instance with jewelry a quality photo is imperative.

Keep in mind not to let anybody steal your supplier from you, dont use any content or photos that would guarantee you a similar fate..